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How do free fax to email solutions make money?


A lot of scepticism arises when someone is informed that a particular product or service is free. The same is also true for fax to email solutions.  Free fax to email solutions are partially free. 

To explain:

There are always two parties involved when sending a fax, namely the sender and the receiver.  The sender typically uses a fax machine for sending and the receiver uses a mail client for receiving.

The sender, being connected to a telephone line, pays a per minute rate for the ability to send a fax, or for the use of the line, and it is this cost that subsidises fax2email solutions to provide the receiver with a free service.

The cost for the provision of a free fax2email solution is this carried by the sender of a fax, but is so small that it makes no difference and will not be noticed on the bill.

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