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Backwards compatibility with fax to email


Faxing is an instrumental technology when it comes to sending documents in general, and in particular documents that need signatures.  Faxing has been around since the mid 70's, making it much older than email.

Today, people are more aware than ever before of the environmental footprint of their business. The need for cost-saving also became more pronounced within the current business environment. It is considered wasteful to use paper on both sides of the sending and receiving process. The need for fax2email solutions will dramatically reduce these negative effects of your business.

Fax2email solutions allow the sender to transmit his or her fax, as they would normally, with the difference that the recipient of the fax gets it directly into their email inbox. 

This saves time, paper, and ink, therefore it provides an elegant solution for keeping a form of backward compatibility with existing fax machines.

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